Do you have high standards? Good!

German Furniture Quality Assurance Association

Tested furniture: 


You would like to have furniture which fulfils multiple requirements all in one go? The credibility of a quality standard depends on various factors such as quality, safety and health.


Tested Quality 

The basis for tested quality, guaranteed safety and healthy living are the quality seal and testing criteria of RAL-GZ 430 which are unique in Europe and very highly coveted. So important, in fact, that they are even used as a basis for international norms. With the RAL quality seal for furniture you can be sure that you are buying tested furniture of a reliably high quality. Quality seal compliant furniture must be sturdy, safe, durable and of good workmanship – and furniture may not contain any substances which may be harmful to health.


Guaranteed safety 

In laboratory tests a piece of furniture has to withstand the conditions it will experience during its entire lifespan – and then some:



After this, the piece of furniture has to function perfectly. No ifs or buts.


Healthy Living 

Health is our greatest asset and it should therefore be treated as something of great value. After many years of tests by chemists and furniture testers in independent testing laboratories, strict limits have been defined for harmful substances – in part even stricter than the legislator's requirements. For furniture manufacturers, adherence to these high requirements means a great deal more work. But it is a meaningful and important investment for your life: assurance for your health and the health of your children!


Emissions Label for Furniture

The Emissions Label for furniture is meant to show customers at a glance information with regard to harmful emissions. Hereby we have to ensure that all elements, for example the foam, are low-emission. Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important for customers and the subject is becoming an ever more important sales argument. Furniture is tested for harmful emissions and classified in categories A, B, C or D. Our products fulfil the highest possible emissions category A which corresponds to the requirements of the German environmental label, 'Blue Angel'.