Faux leather

Faux leather is a collective term for textile materials which are generally coated on one side with plastic in order to imitate the look of leather. It is pleasant to the touch and is hard-wearing, abrasion-proof and easy to clean. The upholstery covering you have selected is faux leather.


Typical properties of this product to be expected in use are patina, shiny patches and light areas With light-coloured faux leathers there is a risk of textile staining (jeans effect). Colour abrasion and/or colour pigment migration is unavoidable when combining light-/dark colouredupholstery materials. Slight colour variations (particularly with intensive colours) are unavoidable when exposed to UV radiation (direct sunlight). There may be some slight variations in structure and colour when compared with the sample swatch. Faux leathers are sensitive to liquids, in particular alcohol and solvents sometimes to be found in detergents which are too harsh.