Natural living in sustainable upholstered furniture

Healthy home style, healthy living: sustainable furniture stands for a consciously ecological, responsible philosophy to life and is much more than just a furnishing trend. By deciding putting low-emission, durable sofas, beds and armchairs in the centre of your life, you are not only helping to ensure that people and the environment are treated more fairly and resources are conserved - you are also doing something really good for yourself! A healthy lifestyle is not only limited to food, but also to clothing and furnishings.




What distinguishes our upholstered furniture

As a manufacturer of upholstered furniture and beds, we take our responsibility seriously: We not only set a high value on beautiful, timeless design, but also on the use of sustainable raw materials and resource-saving production and processing methods. Fair and social working conditions for all employees and suppliers are just as much a part of our corporate philosophy as the observance of the shortest possible transport routes. Our declared goal: to reduce our ecological footprint continually



Certified quality

In the interest of our planet, we produce environmentally friendly, pollutant-tested furniture. We already use a large proportion of wood from certified forestry and are subject to the strict testing standards according to RAL-GZ 430 of the German Furniture Association (DGM). The exclusive use of CFC-free foams is, of course, part of this. In addition to all these important criteria, we naturally focus on natural aesthetics, sophisticated design and careful processing.



Furniture, our third skin: Why sustainability is better

Ecologically produced furniture is made from recyclable and renewable raw materials such as wood or cotton. These high-quality upholstered chairs and sofas are sustainable and very robust and durable. Pollutants that are still used in industrial mass production can cause headaches, irritate eyes, skin and respiratory tract and in the worst case even contain carcinogenic substances. Best reasons to choose upholstered furniture with a seal of quality and certificate - because we all live simply better in healthy furniture.





Our customers can rely on


For our upholstered furniture creations we gladly ready to let this cost us a little. Taking responsibility for our environment to ensure that things change for the better, is essential. We pay attention to quality seals, awards and the avoidance of harmful substances for all materials and substances - far beyond the legal requirements.

In order to create reliable consumer confidence, sustainable furniture is labelled with a quality seal. We subject these certificates to very strict controls and the certified upholstered furniture fulfils these requirements one hundred percent.
We as a manufacturer also stand for fair conditions towards our suppliers.